Friday, 3 October 2014

Morning devotions with Josiah: Jeremiah 29v11 "For I know the plans I have for you..."

'Good morning! Shall I keep the shower going for you!'

Frogs in the kitchen, frogs in the toilets, frogs in the showers.
Let's pray

The craft room from above

Littlie's craft

Here come the balloons containing lollies!!!

Waiting for the Pinata 

Pinata time

The mad scramble for lollies

Here's your showbag. See you next year!

The clean up begins!

Another friend

Our final dinner at the mine mess

On shower duty again!
Relaxing before the drive home tomorrow!

And more relaxing!
Our last day of Mega Quest began with a blast,  after we grumpily woke up from another round of Avril's amazing morning singing, which we will all surely miss, we set off for our final day with the kids. After the morning craft, Rowell and myself (Kaylee) did the final Soundbyte followed by the Drama where we got to throw cream pies at Jadon's face. One of the biggest highlights of the day was pouring balloons filled with lollies off the balcony and watching the kids in their mad scramble to get the contents from the pinata at the end of the program before we handed each of them a showbag filled with some essentials. The major clean up then began so that we could all relax at a buffet style dinner at The Lodge. We were all very sad to say goodbye to some of our little friends that we have met over the last few days and many of us hope that we will eventually cross paths with some of the kids in future years.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


The daily drama

Craft time



Glued to the drama

The 2014 Team

Visit to the ghost town of Gwalia


Fun on the oval at the BBQ

Gathering wood for the BBQ

Tug of War

After another wonderful wakeup call from Avril, we began preparing for the upcoming day. We boarded the bus and set up all that was needed. Everything went smoothly and the kids enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards, we all hopped on the bus and headed for a 'ghost city'. Although the trip was enjoyable everyone thought the walkie-talkies were the best. We got to see a mine shaft which was very interesting. In the afternoon, we had a BBQ event with all the kids. Ruben managed to drop my sausage :(. We had plenty of time afterwards. I'd spent all my money on food to share. We enjoyed these goodies while playing some card games and telling scary stories. To be honest, the ones telling the story were scared the most. They weren't even scary!
-Josiah Kappert

Right now, all of the team are just sharing ghost stories or something even worse. But our day started with a more happy beginning. Although I had the bad feeling that the mission's almost finished, I knew today would be good, all the kids smiling, asking for piggy backs and all sorts of things. This night was BBQ Night. Unfortunately, this was our last night together with the kids. After the morning session with the kids we had gone to a historical town known as Gwalia. It was entertaining how Rowell also had jump scares. We also went the St. Barbara Mine. Everyone was so amazed how large the pit is. After that, we came back to the sports centre, preparing for the kids to come for BBQ. It was great!
-Ruben Mellado

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Day Five LBM

Morning tea with Red Group

Ebuka & Simon with some little friends

Kaylee & friend

Working hard

Hand printing

Basketball in between sessions

Galahs at the Racecourse

Looking good!

Yes, 'Jesus on the cross' by one of the little girls
Community Service at the Racecourse

Morning songs
'Thumbs Up' at Parent's Night

Day 3
This day started with another chirpy wake up call from Avril, we quickly had our breakfast and showers and got to work with another day of putting value into these little children's lives. And, as always Rowell being Dumdum and Jadon being the Super villain of the year, we were able to reveal even more of the storyline of Megaquest which co-relates to the story of our Lord Jesus Christ saving us. Our Honey Soy chicken and pineapple rice lunch was spectacular with everyone going for seconds (in no small part thanks to Mrs Bryant and Mrs Mellado). Our visit to the racecourse proved to be even interesting more than we thought, with Ruben finding one HUGE quartz rock (which may even have gold in it!). Meanwhile the rest of the leaders who stayed at the recreational centre painted kids faces and fingernails and overall just causing chaos with paint all over the tables, floors, and chairs! The parents night also turned out to be a great success with even the parents participating in the activities with lots of laughs and dancing. After the night ended, one of us (Ebuka) got pulled over by the police under suspicion of somewhat illegal activity on the way back home. Thankfully we arrived home with a clean slate from the police and got home to meet a good rest and prepare for the next day. Day 3 down... 3 days to go!

-Ebuka Nnadigwe & Simon Bryant :)